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Entry to the congress is by QR code. The QR code confirms that you are COVID-19 protected. It must be saved on your phone or printed out.

Who are able to receive QR code:

  • null
    who have been vaccinated with the second component of the vaccine or with a single-component vaccine registered in the Russian Federation
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    who have had COVID-19 within six months (marked in EMIAS)
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    Who has a negative PCR test result (valid for 72 hours, must be entered in the EMIAS, available to foreign nationals)

If you become ill with covid, your QR code may be cancelled.

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persons attended the MCC 2019, including participants from the USA, Germany, Israel, Finland, Netherlands and others.

The congress is attended by leading experts in clinical, fundamental cardiology and related disciplines (neurology, endocrinology, haematology).
The congress includes a thematic exhibition of manufacturers and distributors of medicines, medical equipment, medical devices, therapeutic nutrition, etc.

Key topics:

  • cardiology in actual clinical practice;
  • basic cardiovascular science issues: theory and practice;
  • cardiology and related specialities: neurology, endocrinology;
  • topical issues of emergency cardiology.

Objective of the Congress:

  • professional and advanced training of cardiologists;
  • discussion of topical issues of cardiology with opinion leaders;
  • improving the quality of specialized medical care of patients with cardiac diseases, both on an outpatient and in hospital stages;
  • discussion of actual issues at the intersection of cardiology and related specialties: neurology, endocrinology, hematology and others.;
  • implementation of modern medical technologies in practice.



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Organising committee

  • Sergey Abugov (Moscow, Russia)
  • Renat Akchurin (Moscow, Russia)
  • Bagrat Alekyan (Moscow, Russia)
  • Mikhail Alshibaya (Moscow, Russia)
  • Grigory Arutyunov (Moscow, Russia)
  • Olga Barbarash (Kemerovo, Russia)
  • Sergey Boytsov (Moscow, Russia)
  • Yuriy Vasyuk (Moscow, Russia)
  • Elena Vasilieva (Moscow, Russia)
  • Albert Galyavich (Kazan, Russia)
  • Maria Glezer (Moscow, Russia)
  • Elena Golukhova (Moscow, Russia)
  • Oksana Drapkina (Moscow, Russia)
  • Marat Ezhov (Moscow, Russia)
  • Zhanna Kobalava (Moscow, Russia)
  • Anastasia Lebedeva (Moscow, Russia)
  • Leonid Margolis (Bethesda, USA)
  • Michael Orlov (Boston, USA)
  • Nikolay Plavunov (Moscow, Russia)
  • Nana Pogosova (Moscow, Russia)
  • Denis Protsenko (Moscow, Russia)
  • Amiran Revishvili (Moscow, Russia)
  • Dmitry Skrypnik (Moscow, Russia)
  • Alexey Svet (Moscow, Russia)
  • Valentin Sinitsin (Moscow, Russia)
  • Alexander Shpektor (Moscow, Russia)
  • Irina Chazova (Moscow, Russia)
  • Nikolay Shamalov (Moscow, Russia)
  • Evgeny Shlyahto (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Organizational office

  • Oleg Dukhin (Moscow, Russia)
  • Anna Kalinskaya (Moscow, Russia)
  • Denis Sokorev (Moscow, Russia)


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